Photos & Prints

All your photos, prints & photocopy requirements sorted!

In order to deliver even more value and convenience to you, Greenwoods Pharmacy offers you a wide range of passport photo, printing & photocopying services. No appointments required. Just pop in at your convenience.

Instant Passport Photos

We can produce passport sized photos for you in just a matter of minutes. Colour and black and white photos, while you wait. These are ideal for use on passports, driving licenses, visas, travel passes, student cards, etc.

Digital Photo prints & copies

You can now print your photos and images at our location. Simply bring in the images on an SD card, USB flash drive, CD or DVD and we’ll print your digital images using our easy to use photo stations.


Make use of our in-house printing services. We have a dedicated desktop PC for your printing jobs. And our professional printers can take care of colour and black and white prints of various sizes, all at very competitive prices.


Along with all our printing facilities, we also offer dedicated photocopying services. Given our location and prices, our customers find it very convenient to use Greenwoods Pharmacy for their photocopying needs.

Friendly & Knowledgeable

If you are unsure on how to utilise our printing or photocopying services we are happy to show you as many times as you need!

Always Available

Our photo development, printing and copying services are accessible seven days a week. So you can visit us whenever you like without any restrictions.

Top Quality

At Greenwoods we strongly believe the saying Quality Over Quantity! This means our tools are constantly upgraded and well kept to guarantee you get the best value for money.

Customers will always be a priority, so we go beyond standards to provide reliable and professional assistance. Call or send us a message, and our team will address any concern immediately.