Travel Medicine

Travel Clinic

Getting sick abroad is inconvenient and it pays to avoid illness and treat such issues proactively. Hence, it is essential to have the right medicine when travelling abroad for any risks.

We offer you peace of mind when travelling with medicines focussed on making your journeys easier. This includes advice and medicinal products for:

  • Sunshine and heat stroke
  • Malaria
  • Travel diarrhoea and other stomach issues
  • Allegies, insect bites and string
  • Jet lag and travel sickness


Travel Medicine Advice

Arm yourself with the right advice on health risks and how to prevent and deal with them. Greenwoods Pharmacy can help you with a range of travel medicines and travel supplies. We have a large range of travel medicines to help you for any such issues while travelling.

Online Doctor

A quick, easy and convenient way to have a private medical consultation without the usual tedious waiting time given to see your GP.

Sincere Care

Our staff won’t hand you your prescription and rush you out the door. We care about each individual customer and give all the time and detail needed.

Wide Selection

Greenwoods has a large selection of medication, we will never fail to find the best solution for you!

Customers will always be a priority, so we go beyond standards to provide reliable and professional assistance. Call or send us a message, and our team will address any concern immediately.